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Seminar - AUG 03, 10 - 2016

Measurement of Noise and Noise Reduction in the Brain Signals
Wednesday - AUG 03, 10 - 2016 (16:00 - 17:30)
Hamed Rahimi Nasrabadi

Noise is known as a major contributor in a biological systems including brain. Numerous investigations had been applied to identify the noise and its role in neural coding in sensory perception or in decision making. Various methods for detecting the noise and discriminating between the noise and deterministic signal are developed for better understanding the dynamics of non-linear systems such as brain. Although noise might be beneficial for neural network, in many approaches it is considered to be a disturbing opponent for understanding neural coding in extracellular recording (invasive and non-invasive). Therefore, noise reduction algorithms have been applied to find the functional characteristics of the neurons and populations.

In this lecture I will provide an overview through studies of the noise in the brain and different noise reduction algorithms. In addition to that, we will also discuss the other sources of noise which are not intrinsic in the system. Finally, the mathematical foundation of noise and their quantifiers will be subjected.

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The seminar will be held at the conference room of Particles and Accelerators school, IPM, Larak, Tehran


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